Looking for a room

posted May 06 2017 at 16:20

137 St - City College, New York, NY, United States

About the room

I am an engineering student at CCNY who needs a quiet place close to the school to relax and to study. A good kitchen would be a big plus. Fast Internet would also be another good thing to have.
While rooming with fellow CCNY Engineering students would be nice, I will get along just fine with any young professionals.

About me

By nature, I am a quiet person. However, when I enjoy a conversation topic I can transform into a very articulate person. The way I interact with people reflects this tendency. I regularly go to the gym and I am a computer engineering student. So naturally, I enjoy math, science, and most of all computers and love to share my knowledge with those around me. For my free time, I usually watch TV shows (mostly anime), play some games, look at doggo memes, or spend time with friends.

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