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posted September 11 2017 at 15:39

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY, United States

About the room

Looking for a short term roommate starting October 1st, 2017 to share a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment in Clinton Hill Brooklyn.
Located one block away from the subway,it's like two rooms for the price of one! The main part of your bedroom is very large, roughly 9’ by 13’, with 10’ ceilings. The room also contains it’s own private “side room” 4’ by 7’. My previous roommate used it as an office, but it could just as easily be a walk in closet.
The apartment has a very large living room, full kitchen, and full bathroom. We also have exclusive roof access.
Your rent would be $1,500 per month, which would include your portion of the utilities. (Asking for one month security, that can also double as last month’s rent.)

About me

I have been living in NYC for over a decade. I am a professional that works a 9-5 day job (well, I usually show up before 10). My hobbies vary, but most recently I did some practical fx for a micro-budget full length feature. I am a maker, who likes to built things that light up. I like to learn, and usually have some side project that teaches me a new skill. My current interest is in machine learning. I have been know to make art on occasion too. (Well, calling it art is a stretch, but I like to do it nonetheless.) I generally keep to myself, but I am happy to met up with friends for a movie, or a show, or a cheeky beer. My girlfriend lives out of town, so I travel to see her regularly.
I included pictures of some of the projects I built. A mirror that lights up when you walk in front of it, and a 2 player arcade style controller for playing classic arcade games.

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