Looking for a room

posted September 11 2015 at 22:25

Astoria, Queens, NY, United States

About the room

Unfurnished or furnished room, male and/or female roommates, no shared rooms, own bathroom preferred

About me

Recent college grad with a Theatre degree! Currently living at the Jersey shore but looking to go into the city to pursue full-time artistic work. I'm very charismatic and social but also enjoy time to myself and with roomies to relax. Whenever I have time, I love to take spontaneous adventures throughout the city to visit museums and parks and also love the nightlife of live music and poetry readings. I played rugby in college and love sports so I'm also all about going out to the bar for some beers and a good game. I'm extremely respectful to housemates, especially when it comes to having company over for any period of time and I avoid drama like the plague. I have a naturally positive attitude and try my best to create a positive atmosphere with as little negative energy as possible.

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