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New York, NY, United States

posted this on Mar 13, 2016

About the room

We are offering rooms in big and furnished apartments in Manhattan and Queens , NY.We have 170 rooms on your disposition. The starting price of a room is 900$ per month + 100$ for utilities. If you are interested in co-living , meeting new people and cultures , making new friendships than we are here to help you with that. We are here to make you feel comfortable and help you explore the city.
We offer you:
-Complimentary monthly common area cleaning
-Common area tv w/netflix where applicable
-Basic pots/pans/plates/cups
-Private room key access
-Online current tenant requests for apartment related problems
-Bed/desk/chair/wardrobe or closet in room

Feel free to contact us.

About the roomie

Literati Group LLC provides furnished housing for young professionals, international students, and graduate interns in the New York City area for 1 month or more. Literati creates a unique living situation for intelligent people from diverse backgrounds, offering them an authentic New York City resident experience. With a network of over 50 countries represented, Literati is a cosmopolitan company that understands quality living spaces.

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