Looking for a room


Manhattan, New York, NY, United States

William Downes
posted this on May 04, 2015

About the room

I'm moving to the city for an internship that will last from July to the end of December. I will be working a lot so am basically looking for a bedroom to sleep in, a shower, and a kitchen, nothing too fancy. Due to working a lot of long hours I am looking for a quiet and professional environment, no partiers please. Other than that, not trying to be too picky.

About the roomie

I'm a really laid back guy. Love music, dogs, and movies. I'm in culinary school currently, so I love to cook and do anything related to food. I come from Colorado originally so I love the outdoors and any outdoor activities, I try to stay as active as possible in my free time. I don't drink or smoke, though I don't discourage others from doing so. I'm very clean and tidy, not a big fan of coming home to a dirty room/kitchen/bathroom after a long day of work.

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