Room available


Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, United States

posted this on Oct 27, 2016

About the room

super nice apartment, looking for roommates!
4 rooms currently available in
6 RM/ 2 FULL bathroom
Rooms vary 800-850 by SIZE. They are all graciously spaced units. please indicate which you are interested in !

Will fill up VERY fast, all creatives in their 20s, ideal for artists, musicians, writers, independents, and creatives looking for an original community of people in a classic bushwick location.
Skylight = Amazing mood, lots of light and also roof access.
DM me for details, questions, or concerns
No Brokers Fee
Move in as early as Nov 1st

fill out application below:
1. Profession
2. Favorite house plant
3. Drink of choice.

But also actually message me for details !

About the roomie

I'm a recent fine arts painting and art history (cinema & archaeology) graduate. Music, desserts, coffee, and the occasional nice cocktail are important to me. I speak french, and am currently freelancing in art and editorial work. My design aesthetic is pretty minimal/simple so things are always going to stay pretty spacious. I'm a painter/draftsperson so I'll be doing a lot of studio work in my room! I've recently been building a photography portfolio and I'm always open to bouncing off ideas with people about projects. I like exploring, aka getting lost around the city, riding my bike, and am always looking for amazing concerts. I'm easygoing, organized, mindful of space, and I'm excited to facilitate building a positive community of creatives in this space! If you think you're a good fit, or have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out, text or call


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