Looking for a room

posted October 23 2017 at 22:11

Upper West Side, New York, NY, United States

About the room

Hi! I'm looking for a room starting December 2017. Preferably in the upper west side but I'm open to other suggestions in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens.
I will be doing some home office so I am looking for a room that has enough space to work and a building with amenities, i.e., conference room, common areas, gym, etc.
If its pet-friendly, better (I don't have pets but thinking of adopting one).

About me

Hi there! I'm a twenty-something female looking for a room with cool professional roommates, preferably in Manhattan (and better if it's on the upper west side). I have a Bachelor of Laws, and recently completed Master of Laws. I'm from Mexico but I have been living in Washington, D.C. for over 2 years. I speak English and Spanish fluently and have an advanced understanding of French (I also lived in Belgium for a year). I'm vegetarian (sometimes vegan) but I don't mind other people eating meat. I like running, reading, going to concerts, eating, and taking online courses. I will start working for a privacy and cybersecurity consulting firm in NYC starting December 2017.

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