Looking for a room


Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

Ashley Mays
posted this on Mar 15, 2018

About the room

Early/Mid August Move In. Looking for some place in the city. Pets Allowed.

About the roomie


I will be moving to New York Early/Mid August for Grad School at The New School! I am looking to sign a one year lease. I intend on getting a job as a nanny while I am pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults.

I am a senior cat owner. He will primarily stay in my room when I am home or away. He follows me around often and will snooze near me. I am very neat with occasional mess in my room. Shared spaces will always be clean! I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. With me going back to being a student, I am unsure how my schedule will be, but I do love going out for drinks when time permits. Looking for a roommate to explore the city with, but someone who also respects needing time alone for school and personal purposes.

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