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posted August 29 2015 at 13:47

Brooklyn, NY, United States

About the room

Offering a medium sized L-shaped room in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Room is in a brick family house, second floor. Can fit a full sized bed, dresser and flatscreen tv. Also comes with your own closet. Completely separate room.

The apartment has a great livingroom (no tv), decent sized kitchen and shared bathroom. Every room in the home gets great lighting. No laundry on site, however there is a laundromat up the block, like 2-3 minutes away. Safe, comfortable neighborhood. Place has been renovated, everything is fairly new! Not too much of a nightlife atmosphere, no trendy bars or cafes around but it's a good place to come home to! Place available for 1 year, utilities included.

Closest train station is about 10 minutes away, on foot. It's the L train by Rockaway Parkway (last stop). By bus 5-7 minutes. It's NY, everybody doesn't live within a block radius of the train and you end up paying more money for that luxury.

*don't mind the pics of the place, was doing a deep cleaning*

About me

I'm a really cool person, mostly keep to myself. I like to read, write, go to museums, huge movie buff, concerts and shows. Love great food, bars or a club. Won't "bring the party home" ever. I like to travel when I can, locally or internationally. I like to cook. I'm pretty friendly, fun to be around and try to be cultured as well as socially aware.

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